Gastric Bypass in Tijuana Mexico

​Are you struggling to lose weight? Is your weight causing damage to your physical health?

Gastric Bypass is a bariatric surgery that can help you lose significant weight long term to restore your health and happiness.

Gastric Bypass Surgery cost is $5,700 with Dr. Sandy Martinez in Tijuana, Mexico. Also Bypass Revision is available with incredible success.

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Being overweight can put a major strain on your physical well-being and your confidence. For some, diet and exercise alone are not enough. Luckily, you can restore your health and boost your self-esteem through weight loss surgery, like gastric bypass. Dr. Martinez is an experienced bariatric surgeon who can turn your weight loss goals into a reality. Contact our Tijuana practice today, located just 30 minutes from the San Diego airport, to request your bariatric surgery consultation.


Susan Bashynski

July 12, 2022

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I just had the Gastric Sleeve done this past Monday, July 12th. What a great decision!! This whole organization is AMAZING!! From the nurses to Dr. Sandy Martinez. I never felt uncomfortable or scared. From the minute Dr. Sandy looked at me in the operating room and said "Listo?" to my waking up in my hospital room with my wonderful husband waiting for me, I knew I was in good hands.
The following day Ricardo Salazar and Consuelo Hernandez stopped by to personally chat with me and meet me.

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Robert Munoz

May 18, 2024

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This has been the absolute easiest and painless process in my journey. Dr Sandy Martinez was very thorough and patient thru my gastric bypass to duodenal switch revision. I have not had any pain and the staff is very attentive and patient with the entire process. The transportation to and from the US to Tijuana MX. was super easy and safe. I highly recommend DR. Sandy Martinez for your Bariatric needs.

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How You Can Benefit From Gastric Bypass Surgery

There are many benefits to weight loss surgery, and with our medical tourism packages, you can have safe and effective bariatric surgery at a price you can afford.

Lose Weight

Gastric bypass surgery can promote and sustain significant weight loss. By reducing the amount of food you eat and restricting the number of calories you can absorb, you will see dramatic weight loss following a gastric bypass. Most patients lose between 60 and 80 percent of their excess weight.

Prevent Disease

Obesity can lead to many major health concerns, like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, GERD, and more. When performed by a skilled bariatric surgeon like Dr. Martinez, gastric bypass surgery helps you to lose and maintain dramatic weight loss and reduces and prevents these obesity-related diseases.

Increase Activity

When carrying a significant amount of excess weight, it is hard to get motivated to move around and exercise. With the help of weight loss surgery, patients will notice they have the energy, confidence, and drive to live a more active lifestyle. An active lifestyle leads to improved health and a better quality of life.

Improve Confidence

Being significantly overweight can have a significant impact on your self-esteem. You may not feel confident in certain clothing or in doing certain activities. Weight loss surgery, like a gastric bypass, will help you shed that extra weight so you can feel confident in any clothing and every scenario. 

Am I a Good Candidate For This Bariatric Surgery?

Every patient has unique weight loss goals and health needs. The best way to determine which bariatric surgery is right for you is to request a consultation with our weight loss specialists, who can help you explore options like a gastric bypass, a mini gastric bypass, and bariatric revision surgery. They will be able to assess your health history and goals to determine which bariatric surgery will produce the best long-term results. Although there is not a "one size fits all" formula, gastric bypass may be a good option for you if:

  • You have a BMI greater than 40

  • You are over the age of 40

  • You have a family history of obesity

  • You struggle with acid reflux (GERD)

Rose Mary Charles' Journey from New Zealand to Tijuana, Mexico for Gastric Bypass Surgery Rose Mary Charles, and I am a woman from, New Zealand. After struggling with obesity for years and facing significant barriers to getting bariatric surgery in my home country, I made the life-changing decision to travel over 7,000 miles to Tijuana, Mexico, for gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Sandy Martinez. Here is my story.

**The Decision to Seek Surgery Abroad** Living with obesity affected every aspect of my life, from my physical health to my self-esteem. In New Zealand, the public healthcare system's wait times for bariatric surgery were extremely long, and the costs of private surgery were beyond my financial reach. After researching alternatives, I discovered the growing reputation of Mexico for high-quality, affordable bariatric surgeries.

The Results Speak for Themselves

"Most people lose about 10 to 20 pounds a month in the first year after surgery." -National Library of Medicine

The Roux-en-Y Method For Gastric Bypass Surgery

Before and after roux-en-y bypass

Roux-en-Y is a laparoscopic surgical technique named after César Roux, the surgeon who first presented it. Dr. Edward Mason and Dr. Chikashi completed the first bariatric surgery using the Roux-en-Y method, a gastric bypass. During a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, your bariatric surgeon will create a small stomach pouch from the top portion of your stomach. The small stomach pouch will be connected to a portion of your small intestine called the "Roux limb". This Roux limb bypasses the remaining larger stomach portion and much of your small intestine, allowing this surgery to be restrictive and mal-absorptive.  

The Gastric Bypass Procedure What You Can Expect

The first step towards weight loss is to request an appointment for a free consultation with our Tijuana practice. We will review your health history and goals to ensure a gastric bypass is the best weight loss surgery option for you. 
The entire gastric bypass procedure only takes between 90 and 120 minutes, but the results can last a lifetime.
The entire gastric bypass procedure only takes between 90 and 120 minutes, but the results can last a lifetime.


General anesthesia will be used during this procedure to ensure you remain asleep and comfortable throughout the entire procedure.


Gastric bypass is a laparoscopic procedure. Dr. Martinez will make several small incisions along your abdomen, where she will insert the laparoscope and surgical tools to perform the surgery.

Stomach Pouch

Dr. Martinez will create a small and large stomach pouch by separating the upper and lower portion of your stomach. She will use medical-grade staples to keep the newly formed stomach pouches closed and to prevent leakage.

Intestinal Rerouting

Next, Dr. Martinez will separate your small intestines into lower and upper portions. Then she will connect the lower portion of the small intestine to your small stomach pouch. This allows the food you eat to bypass the large stomach pouch and a large part of your small intestine.


Your incisions will be sutured closed, and you will most likely need to stay in the hospital for one to two days following the procedure. Dr. Martinez will give you a thorough list of instructions to ensure a quick and safe recovery. 

Gastric Sleeve vs. Gastric Bypass What's the Difference?

There are several weight loss surgery options, and which one is right for you depends on your specific health needs and long-term weight-loss goals. Gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery are both effective and safe procedures when performed by a board-certified bariatric surgeon like Dr. Martinez.

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery is a restrictive weight loss surgery. During gastric sleeve surgery, your surgeon will separate your stomach into two portions; one large and one small. The large portion will be removed and you will be left with a stomach a fraction of the size. This allows you to eat less and still feel full.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is a restrictive and malabsorptive weight loss surgery. Similar to a gastric sleeve, gastric bypass also separates your stomach into small and large portions. However, the large portion of your stomach stays, and both are connected to areas of your rerouted small intestines. 

"The results from this first U.S.-based, 12-year, observational study of bariatric surgery in adults indicate long-term durability of weight loss after “Roux-en-Y” gastric bypass. Moreover, the weight loss was associated with improvement and prevention of type 2 diabetes and obesity-related cardiovascular conditions." -National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

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If you've been thinking about bariatric surgery, we invite you to reach out to our wonderful team. Dr. Sandy Martinez is welcoming patients from the United States, Canada, and beyond to her practice in Tijuana, Mexico. To request a consultation with our surgeon, fill out our contact form and we will respond promptly with valuable and detailed information. You have reached Dr. Sandy Martinez's practice with out any intermediaries so you can feel free to request a video or telephone consultation.

Dr. Sandy Martinez at her office

Dr. Sandy Martinez

Dr. Sandy Martinez is a double board-certified bariatric surgeon in Tijuana, B.C. who helps patients achieve their weight loss goals by providing compassionate and high-quality care. She is affiliated with many organizations, including:

  • National Board of Surgery Mexico
  • National Board of Bariatric Surgery
  • Baja California Board of Bariatric Surgery
  • American Society of Bariatric Surgery
  • American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
  • International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders

For more information on the services we offer or to request a consultation, we invite you to call our practice at (619) 484-9903.

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