Bariatric Revision Surgery

Bariatric surgery that fails to achieve your weight loss goals can be incredibly frustrating however there is a way we can help.

Thankfully, it is possible to undergo surgical bariatric revisions to fix complications and reach your weight loss goals and dreams. 

Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Sandy Martinez performs powerful bariatric revision surgery in Tijuana, Mexico starting at $5,300 (Re-Sleeve). 

Dr. Martinez Is Especially Renowned For Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Revisions

Why It Is Necessary

Gastric bypass surgery (also called Roux-en-Y) can help patients lose drastic amounts of weight and lessen the risk of life-threatening conditions. Unfortunately, a gastric bypass you received elsewhere may have failed to achieve its intended weight loss effects, or may have resulted in complications like stomach perforations, malnutrition issues, acid reflux, and more. 

Many international patients come to Dr. Martinez for her talent and expertise in correcting faulty gastric bypasses. She can perform gastric bypass revisions that are too complex for other surgeons. For example, she can access a seemingly impenetrable abdominal cavity using advanced techniques.

What Dr. Martinez Can Achieve

First, she clears the surgical field surrounding your bypass and liberates the scar tissue. Next, she identifies the gastric pouch and determines if it should be reduced in size to create more restriction and better weight loss results. She will then check for any hernias that may have developed and closes the hernia gap to avoid acid reflux and promote stomach restriction.

Dr. Martinez can complete the surgery by creating a new bypass of another segment of your intestine to improve malabsorption. These corrections to your gastric bypass surgery can address complications and result in significant weight loss. 

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Susan Bashynski


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What a great decision!! This whole organization is AMAZING!! From the nurses to Dr. Sandy Martinez. I never felt uncomfortable or scared. From the minute Dr. Sandy looked at me in the operating room and said "Listo?" to my waking up in my hospital room with my wonderful husband waiting for me, I knew I was in good hands.

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Tesla Leboeuf


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Dr. Sandy and her staff were absolutely amazing! I had my Gastric Sleeve 7 months ago and I’m already down 120 pounds! Best decision I have ever made!

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Dr. Martinez Offers Many Revision Surgery Options At Her State-of-the-Art Tijuana Hospital

Lap Band Removal & Replacement

Many patients who receive the once-popular Lap-Band® surgery struggle with complications like poor weight loss, food intolerance, severe pain, and food becoming stuck in their esophagus due to the gastric band. Thankfully, the procedure is totally reversible. Dr. Martinez uses laparoscopic techniques to remove the Lap Band and replace it with more effective options like gastric sleeve surgerymini gastric bypass, duodenal switch, or R&Y bypass. 

Gastric Sleeve Alternatives

Gastric sleeve surgery is often a powerful solution for patients in need of drastic weight loss. However, not all gastric sleeves achieve their intended effect, and some can even result in acid reflux issues that must be resolved. Dr. Martinez can convert your gastric sleeve into a mini gastric bypass or a full gastric bypass. She can also convert it into a duodenal switch. The duodenal switch combines a gastric sleeve and gastric bypass and is known as an extremely effective weight loss surgery. 

Unsatisfied With Your Bariatric Results? Contact Dr. Martinez 

Gaining weight after your bariatric surgery may not be your fault. The surgeon who performed the procedure may have made a mistake or chosen an outdated technique. Whatever the cause, Dr. Martinez can correct the issues with bariatric revision surgery in Tijuana. 

As a certified bariatric surgeon who places the health of her patients above all else, Dr. Martinez and her team limit their surgeries to five procedures a day. This gives our surgeon time to focus on producing the best results possible for your procedure. 

To help us form an idea about your current health concerns and your future goals, please fill out our patient eligibility form. Dr. Martinez will use the information to start the process of determining which bariatric revision surgery will most benefit you. Contact her Tijuana facility today to request a free consultation

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Gastric Bypass Revision to Duodenal Switch with Dr. Sandy Martinez. There is no secret that weight loss surgery has become the best tool to loose weight and feel better, The Duodenal Switch is fast becoming the most effective procedure for patients with metabolic syndrome and with patients with previous surgeries that did not manage to accomplish the weight loss goals. Dr Sandy Martinez is one of a few surgeons that has master this procedure and now patients from all over the world come to our Tijuana, Mexico facility to undergo this procedure. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Medical Tourism

Patients throughout the United States and Canada travel to Tijuana, B.C., to take advantage of the competitive prices for bariatric surgeries. Patients who travel to Dr. Martinez can expect the same standards of safety and quality of care as found in the United States. Our team uses the latest technology and techniques, and will never cut corners when it comes to the health of our patients. 

Dr. Martinez has performed more than 1,500 bariatric surgeries and consistently produces results that patients love. For your safety, there are two board-certified bariatric surgeons on each procedure. Private accommodations are provided for you and your companion. 

If you have questions about medical tourism and the advantages of receiving care in Tijuana, contact Dr. Martinez's bariatric surgery center today

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Talk to Dr. Martinez and Her Team Request Your Free Consultation

Dr. Martinez and our team of weight loss experts are renowned for providing personalized care. Before we schedule any bariatric surgery corrections, we will first determine if revision bariatric surgery is even right for you. This review process involves understanding your weight loss history and the completion of various medical assessments. 

Choosing our surgeon means you receive care from a doctor who truly wants what is best for you and will only recommend revision bariatric surgery if it is truly necessary. Call or write to our bilingual team today to request your free consultation and find out what our bariatric surgeon can do for you. 

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We Prioritize Your Needs

Dr. Martinez and her team are available for virtual or telephone consultations, contact us and an expert member of our team will be in touch with you soon. 

Are Revision Bariatric Procedures Costly?

Weight loss surgery revisions can be very costly in the United States. This unfortunately causes some patients to give up on the goals they hoped to achieve with weight loss surgery. The great news is, revision bariatric procedures in Tijuana, B.C., are significantly more affordable than American alternatives.

By visiting Dr. Sandy Martinez, you can receive skilled correction of weight loss surgery at a fraction of the cost you would in the United States. Your payment also includes comfortable accommodations for you and your loved ones. If you'd like, you can also apply for financing to make our surgery even more affordable. 

What Happens After Revision Surgery?


Dr. Martinez is renowned for performing revision surgery to put patients on the right weight loss path. After completing your bariatric surgery, she will provide you with detailed nutritional guidelines to follow after leaving Tijuana. Following her instructions can help maximize the results of your revision surgery. 

Maintaining Your Results 

Adopting a healthy lifestyle after a revision bariatric surgery is necessary for successful results. Our Tijuana bariatric surgeon suggests the following:

Follow Your Nutritional Guide

Eating healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, and lean protein is essential for keeping an ideal weight. The nutritional guidelines recommended by Dr. Martinez and her team will help prevent weight gain. 

Take Supplements

Bariatric procedures can make it difficult for your stomach to absorb nutrients. Vitamins and supplements can help meet the nutritional needs that you may not get from food. 

Exercise Regularly 

When paired with a healthy diet, exercising and staying active can keep you from gaining excess weight. Even walking a few miles a week can help you maintain your body goals. 

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water can help you control your appetite. Keeping your body hydrated will also help it work efficiently, and can even help burn more calories. 

Support Your Mental Health

Bariatric procedures are more than just physical transformations. After undergoing bariatric revision surgery, you will likely feel some strong emotions and may have some mental strain. Talking with friends, family, and mental health professionals can be key to successfully maintaining your desired weight. 

Our Patients' Happiness Is Our Greatest Joy

"Dr. Sandy and her staff were absolutely amazing! I had my Gastric Sleeve 7 months ago and I’m already down 120 pounds! Best decision I have ever made!" Tesla Davenport
Dr. Sandy Martinez at her office

Dr. Sandy Martinez

Dr. Sandy Martinez is a double board-certified bariatric surgeon in Tijuana, B.C. who helps patients achieve their weight loss goals by providing compassionate and high-quality care. She is affiliated with many organizations, including:

  • National Board of Surgery Mexico
  • National Board of Bariatric Surgery
  • Baja California Board of Bariatric Surgery
  • American Society of Bariatric Surgery
  • American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
  • International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders

For more information on the services we offer or to request a consultation, we invite you to call our practice at (619) 484-9903.

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